Nancy Anzalone's
Digital Media Portfolio

ISLT_7361: Introduction to Digital Media
Summer 2019

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About Me

I'm a master's degree candidate in Learning Technologies and Design.
I attend school because I love learning!

Me and My Dog

My favorite activity is spending time with my dog. As you can see from the photo, we enjoyed meeting Santa Claus!


I have won so many Halloween costume contests. I plan and build my costumes for months. Usually by the time Halloween comes, I have three costumes (one for daytime, one for day before, and the prize-winner for Halloween). The costumes are usually scary but the one shown in the photo is of a verdigris garden sculpture.


I could spend days working in my garden. It is the most peaceful, satisfying event that I can think of. I love nurturing my plants. I have entered regional garden shows and have won hundreds of ribbons for all types of plants. I also enjoy photographing my plants (see photo).